Geopark Forum 2021

The Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark is driven by local organisations, the Geopark Forum, seeking to celebrate the Geopark and achieve sustainable ventures through geotourism and associated initiatives. The member organisations include major landowners, councils, museums, county geoconservation groups, heritage buildings, geology and other special interest groups and major tourist and leisure organisations.

    • Geologists in the Geopark
    • Transport in the Landscape Group

President of the Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark

Chris Darmon, geologist extraordinaire and award winning educationalist graduated from Hull University with a geology degree in 1974.  Upon graduation Chris undertook a PGCE course at Keele University, which led to a position teaching geology at a Sheffield school. Nowadays Chris continues to work in education as an independent adult tutor.  He also organises and leads geological tours across the UK and also to Iceland and Tenerife. Chris is well known to many for his passion for geotourism and for his communication of geology to the general public. Few people have the breadth of knowledge that he has amassed over the past 35 years. Alongside his geo-education Chris is director of Geosupplies, a specialist supplier to geologists across the world and is editor of Down to Earth a national geological magazine.