Ammonites are a type of prehistoric animal known only from fossils. They were cephalopods, like modern squids and octopuses, but unlike these creatures, they had a hard outer shell like a snail’s shell. As a result, ammonites have been well preserved in the fossil record. Ammonites were around from the beginning of the Jurassic period to the end of the Cretaceous period. They were common in the oceans of the Earth for 143 million years, before disappearing at the K-T boundary extinction event 65 million years ago, when 70% of all animal species suddenly
became extinct.

1. Print the image on card and colour in the ammonite (you can also download the Ammonite here (Ammonite colouring page)
2. Carefully cut around the shape
3. You can make the ammonite stand-alone by attaching a piece of folded card
to the back of the ammonite using tape or glue