If you are looking forward to a summer free of restrictions why not look for inspiration during GeoFest 2021. This year the Geopark will run the festival from 29th May to 29th August. There will be lots of rock and landscape walking trails for you to try out.  For young families, why not try the dinosaur detective trails or the rock and fossil challenges.

Look out for more information as the summer approaches.

Here are some places with interesting rocks and landscapes you can discover in the Geopark. More ideas to follow in coming weeks.

Arley Quayside

Stourport Riverside

Highley Miners’ Memorial



Severn Valley Railway


Hartlebury Castle


Plenty of wild flowers in remote places


Huntley Geology Reserve in Gloucestershire

Geopark – Mid-September catchup

As we slip through September, there are more of our partner’s visitors centres reopening and putting on some great events, so check for details before travelling and adhering to social distancing guidelines enjoy taking advantage of the great places we have in the Geopark.

Have another look at our September updates post and get to the events in this lovely weather we are having.

Geopark – September Updates

For example …

Bewdley Museum have the Worcestershire in the Ice Age exhibition ending on the 20th September so not long now.
a sketched mammoth in various tones of blue and purple with trees and mountains in the background
Or perhaps perhaps you are waiting for their guided town walks 18 and 21 October.







Wyre Forest (Forestry England) still have loads of things to do with 3 walking trails, 1 cycling trail, Horse riding, Go Ape, Nordic Walking, Play area, Picnic areas, Bike hire, Café and, of course, dogs welcome

Group dog walking


Heritage Open Days (free entry).

The Cob House Country Park has reopened and continuing their Boot Camp 9.30am.
The Severn Valley Country Park has lots of guided walks for example Guided Walk: Along the Valley to Northwood with
Steam Train Return (7 miles) on Monday 16th September 9.30am-4.30pm

Severn Valley Railway have reopened, along with SVRs two pubs though be sure to pre-book your ‘Freedom of the Line‘ tickets and read the guidelines.

Personally I did a short 8km walk yesterday around the Great Witley area and relished the views and the refreshements.


Panoramic view scenery from Great Witley

Panoramic view west from Great Witley (Shelsey Beauchomp)

Autumn Walks

Some great walking trails in the Geopark for September and October

Severn Valley Country Park

Places to visit away from the crowds. All are publicly accessible and
Walks of varying length – rocks, landscape, nature and history. Most are
circular. All are free and can be downloaded from the website unless
stated otherwise.

Find them under “Explore Geology and Landscape – Walking Trails’.
• Mathon and the Malvern Hills, Geopark Way. Herefordshire
• Martley, Geopark Way. Worcestershire
• Martley Trails 2 and 3, Worcestershire
• Stourport and Hartlebury Common. Worcestershire
• Alfrick and Suckley Hills, Geopark Way. Worcestershire
Alveley and Severn Valley Country Park, Shropshire
• Bridgnorth – Rocks beneath your feet. Shropshire
• May Hill, Gloucestershire. Information on National Trust website
• Dudmaston Comer Woods, Shropshire. Information on National Trust
• Brockhampton. Herefordshire. Information on National Trust website
• Southstone Rock. Worcestershire
• Wyre Forest – Forestry England. Worcestershire. Information on FE
Severn Valley Country Park. Shropshire.


Les Morris Trail

Les Morris was a geographer and geologist who spent his working life as an educator. A wonderful man and founding member of the
Geopark, Les had time for anyone interested in the formation and evolution of our planet and the landscapes upon it.
Les had a vision to bring this story to everyone by unlocking the vast store of our natural heritage tucked away in stone built walls.

Les Morris

In his memory a has been created which you can download and follow. It highlights different rocks which can be found in walls across the Geopark covering millions of years.

Download here Les Morris Trail final draft – v1

Quayside, Arley, Worcestershire

Across the Geopark there are many different rocks varying in age from 10,000 years old to nearly 700 million years old. Many rocks have been used as building stones in the construction of important historical buildings and also in the building of simple local walls in houses, gardens and barns. They are an easy and accessible way to discover the wonders of rocks and the history of planet Earth.
This trail takes you across an area of 650 square miles from  Bridgnorth to Gloucester, and Worcester to Hereford, and all places in between. Information about locations, geology and history is given on the following pages with locations generally running from north to south through the Geopark. All locations are accessible to the public and in most cases access is free of charge. Some will require a walk, others are adjacent to carparks, bus and train routes; many are close to visitor centres and cafes.
Can you find them? The Geopark information map inside will help you. Post codes and grid references are also given as a guide. Tick them off as you work through a geological history of 700 million years. At many locations you will be able to pick up a separate geology and building stones trail leaflet which will take you to new and interesting locations. There are also history trails to pick up in many towns.

Gloucester Cathedral

Geology and Landscape Walking Trails in the Geopark

There are a variety of trail guides available exploring geology and landscape, and the building stones seen within the Geopark. The trail guides presents these geological stories to visitors who enjoy the countryside and would like to know a little more.

The Geopark WayA route devised to highlight geology, landscape and associated heritage. It makes a sinuous north-south traverse from the Severn in Shropshire through Wyre Forest coalfield to the windblown sands of Hartlebury Common near Stourport, crossing to the Abberley Hills and then along the crests of the ancient Malvern Hills. In Gloucestershire it traverses the Leadon valley and visits May Hill and Huntley Quarry Geological Reserve before crossing the Vale of Gloucester and Severn as the Cotswold Hills come into full view. It offers varied walking alongside rivers, through forests, along ridge-tops and across valley floors. Passing through an assortment of habitats, there is a plethora of wildlife adding to the occasion with stately views to match. Quaint villages and towns dot the route bringing further elements of exploration and enchantment.circular trails x3 image

Geopark Way Circular Trails – The three trails (Alfrick and the Suckley Hills, Martley, Mathon) incorporate a section of the Geopark Way long distance walking trail. Each trail leaflet gives clear trail directions together with a geological interpretation of the landscape and outcrops found along the route.

‘Gloucesmay_hill_smtershire Uncovered’, ‘Explore Herefordshire and Worcestershire’, ‘Rocks make the landscape – Shropshire’ – Three series of trail guides published by the respective county Geoconservation groups . The guides take readers on a short, self-guided walks explaining the geology along the way. There are trails located in towns that explore the diverse uses of local rocks as building stones, whilst other trails are located out in the countryside that explore how and where the local rocks were formed and how they influence the nature of the landscape seen along the trail.walks for health

Walks For Health – Four self-guiding trails in Bridgnorth, Alveley, Stourport and Ledbury, along sections of the ‘ Geopark Way’. The four trails promote geology and landscape as an enjoyable and educational part of walking whilst encouraging participants to improve their lifestyle through regular exercise. Each guide contains a map of the route with detailed instructions as well as descriptions of the geological and landscape features that can be seen along the way. Additional information on public transport, tourist information, Ordnance Survey maps, other trails and the Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark can also be found in each guide.

Community Earth Heritage Champions Trail Booklets – These trails were created during an innovative project led by H&W EHT that  involved local communities and organisations in improving the understanding, conservation and utilisation of a number of geological sites across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Members of the local community around each site got involved in the project; focusing on conserving the site, understanding the geology of the site, exploring the history and wildlife of the site and utilising the site for recreation amongst other potential uses.

Martley Geo-village Trails – Martley is a parish of great geological diversity. Three geology and landscape trails explore parts of the geological history of the parish.

Geologists in the Geopark Trails – A series of trails at sites and venues in the Geopark.

The Trail locations are marked on the Geopark map below. To download a copy of the map click here.

The Geopark Way long distance walking trail is shown on the map using a red line.

The map has been split into three sections – northern, central and southern which corrolates with the map key. Click on the map sections for further information.

Map Ref. Trails in the northern section
1n Bridgnorth – Rocks beneath your feet
2n Severn Valley: Bridgnorth to Highley
3n Alveley and Severn Valley Country Park – from coal pits to parkland
4n A Country Park Geology Trail – Severn Valley Country Park
5n Highley Trail
6n An Arboretum Geology Trail- Bodenham Arboretum
7n Simon Evans Way
8n Severn Valley Railway
9n A Train Ride Geology Trail – Severn Valley Railway
10n Bewdley Town Centre
11n Bewdley Champions Trail
12n A Museum Geology Trail – Bewdley Museum
13n Geology along the Woodpecker Trail – Wyre Forest
114 Stourport – from gravel pits to a nature reserve
15n A Geology Trail at the County Museum
Map Ref  Trails in the central section
1c Abberley Village Churches
2c Abberley Hill
3c Martley Trail 1
4c Martley Village Trail 2 … traversing the divide
5c Martley Parish Trail 3 … the highs and lows
6c Southstone Rock
7c Worcester City Centre
8c Worcester Cathedral
9c The Frome Valley
10c Alfrick and the Suckley Hills
11c Tank Quarry
12c Great Malvern
13c Malverns Champions Trail
14c Wyche and Purlieu
15c Malvern Hills (1)
16c Malvern Hills (2)
17c Mathon & Malvern Hills
Map Ref Trails in the southern section
1s Ledbury – Over coral seas and sandy deserts
2s Chase End Hill
3s May Hill
4s Huntley, Longhope & Hobb’s Ridge
5s Huntley Quarry Reserve Guide
6s Hobbs Quarry
7s Gloucester in Stone
8s Robinswood Hill
9s Wainlode Cliff & Sandhurst Hill

Geology and Landscape trails in the northern section of the Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark


Geology and Landscape trails in the central section of the Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark

Geology and Landscape trails in the southern section of the Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark