Partner Profile – West Midland Safari Park

Over the coming weeks we thought we’d profile some of the members of the Geopark Forum. We start with West Midland Safari Park.


West Midland Safari Park is an award winning visitor attraction with four-miles of safari, home to: lions; rhino; cheetah; tigers; giraffe and elephants, naming just a few. There’s a Discovery Trail, with Land of the Living Dinosaurs and showcases a variety of all weather exhibits and live shows. An African Village features Meerkat Mayhem, Goat Walk and walk-through Lemur Woods. The Adventure Theme Park and Tiny Tots Theme Park is ideal for family fun and there are plenty of shops, eateries and public events staged throughout the year. More Info:


West Midland Safari & Leisure Park

Spring Grove



DY12 1LF

Tel: 01299 402114








Land of the Living Dinosaurs at West Midlands Safari Park




“Land of the Living Dinosaurs” is an immersive walking trail featuring 38 life size dinosaurs, each with moving eyes, mouth and neck. The exhibit is heavily themed, landscaped and planted with copious amounts of flora, including tree ferns, gunnera, reeds and monkey-puzzle trees. Sound effects indicative of the lost world add atmosphere, whilst static fossil displays, a volcanic vent, three pools and a geyser intensifies the whole experience. It is a journey that spans four ages of dinosaur reign – Permian, Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous.

The entrance to the Jurassic safari is flanked by the skeletal form of the mighty T-Rex and is located in the Park’s Discovery Trail. Examples of some of the most formidable creatures to have roamed the planet include the curiously named Dilophosaurus, fearsome Gorgonops and two of the largest at 8 metres tall, the Apatosaurus measuring 25 metres long and Argentinosaurus at 30 metres. A life size adult Tyrannosaurus Rex elevated on 4m rockwork casts a dramatic shadow, whilst the impressive Sarcosuchus, meaning ‘flesh crocodile’ represents one of the largest crocodile-like creatures that is thought to have ever lived.  All the dinosaurs in the exhibit are built from compound rubber and house a moving steel armature, which adds realistic movement to each display.

West Midland Safari Park and the Adventure Theme Park are open every day until Friday, 6th November 2015.

Geology and Landscape

The West Midlands Safari Park sits almost exclusively upon Permian-aged Bridgnorth Sandstone, approximately 299 million years old.

During Permian times the Geopark area was a vast desert sat landlocked 20 degrees north of the equator on a single continent known as Pangea. The wind was blowing sand dunes across the desert whilst occasional flash floods deposited alluvial fans. Bridgnorth Sandstone represents these fossilised sand dunes.

Close up of Bridgnorth Sandstone

Close up of Bridgnorth Sandstone

Close inspection of a typical Bridgnorth Sandstone shows the grains of sand within are well rounded and polished by abrasion as they bounced against each other across the desert surface. The sand is dyed red by iron oxide which weakly cements the grains of quartz together.

Permian Bridgnorth Sandstone display the feature known as dune-bedding in which one set of dunes has been partly eroded and then covered by a new set. This gives rise to a distinctive criss-cross pattern of bedding in the rock. By looking at the shape of these fossilised dunes it is possible to determine the predominant wind direction 300 million years ago when the dunes were formed. Analysis indicates south-east winds which correlates with sub-tropical trade winds found at 20 degrees north of the equator today.

The Land of the Living Dinosaurs exhibit at the West Midlands Safari Park starts its story in Permian times with the carnivorous Gorgonops, a therapsid. At the end of the Permian period a mass extinction event occurred; a key event in the history of the Earth marking a major overturn of ecosystems. Following the Permian, the Land of the Living Dinosaurs exhibit explores the Triassic Period which saw the rise of the Eoraptor which is widely regarded as the first ‘true’ dinosaur. The exhibit continues to travel through time exploring the times when dinosaurs ruled the earth and closes its journey in modern times.

Facilities and attractions


  • Drive-Through Safari
  • Land of the Living Dinosaurs
  • Sea Lion Show
  • Reptile World
  • Penguin Cove
  • African Village
  • Hippo Lakes
  • SeaQuarium
  • Creepy Crawlies
  • Twilight Cave
  • Meerkat Mayhem
  • Lemur Woods
  • Daily feeds, talks & animal encounters



  • On-site catering
  • On-site light refreshments
  • Picnic site
  • Public toilet
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Cash Point
  • Gift shop
  • Coach parking
  • Free parking
  • Education/study area
  • Facilities for groups
  • Facilities for conferencing
  • Facilities for corporate hospitality


Opening Times

West Midlands Safari Park is open daily from 14th February until 6th November 2015

Opens at 10.00am

Last Admission at 4.00pm

Rides and Park Close at 5.00pm


Admission Prices 2015

Adult Admission – £19.99 (16-64yrs)
Child Admission – £14.99 (3-15yrs)
Under 3’s Admission – Free
Concessions Admission – £17.99 (concession admission applies to senior citizens, students (with valid student ID) and Blue Badge holders. Disabled guests with Blue Badges or valid ID are also permitted one accompanying carer admitted for free)

“Land of the Living Dinosaurs” is included in the standard admission charge

Theme Park ride tickets or multi-ride wristbands are charged extra

Paid-for general admission tickets also include a Free Return Ticket (conditions apply)

Land of the Living Dinosaurs Photo Gallery

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