The success of GeoFest 2012

GeoFest 2012 saw a full summer of walks, talks, roadshows and exhibitions. Over 100 days of events, which attracted in excess of 12,000 visitors, were distributed across the Geopark throughout June, July and August. Events included visits to quarries, museum exhibitions, lots of guided walks, rock and fossil roadshows, village fairs, and dinosaur and rock detective trails. A visit over a few days by the geopark president Chris Darmon culminated in a talk by him to an enthusiastic audience in Bewdley Guildhall.

Children’s artwork incorporated into the Exhibition at Bewdley Museum

Following GeoFest, visitors to the Severn Gallery at Bewdley Museum in September and October 2012 were enthralled by a colourful and imaginative textiles exhibition — the fruits of a project to produce a map of the Geopark along with a series of panels and mixed-media textile pieces inspired by its geology and landscape. Georgia Jacobs, a geologist and talented artist, led the project which used techniques including patchwork, quilting and fabric painting and printing. Children of all ages visiting the EHT’s Rock and Fossil Roadshow at the Museum during Geofest joined in enthusiastically, stencilling ammonite shapes onto fabric squares. They went home with a selection of brightly coloured beads and threads to embellish their work. Many of them took the opportunity to send in their masterpieces some of which Iris Calderbank incorporated into a panel (displayed in the exhibition) called ‘Jurassic Seascape”. Some were individually framed and displayed. There were two fully subscribed workshops, hosted by the Museum, for adults. A3 photographs of scenes within the Geopark were used to inspire patchwork landscapes.