Opening of the Malvern Hills Geocentre

The official opening of the Malvern Hills Geocentre

Chris Darmon the President of the Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark launched GeoFest 2013 at the Malvern Hills GeoCentre on 1st June. Well over 250 people attended this as part of the grand opening of the GeoCentre and the Geopark Way Visitor Centre.

The GeoCentre is the brainchild of Emma Philpott and Adrian Burden and houses large panels with information about the Geopark and the Geopark Way, together with interactive iPads. There is also a big video screen displaying geology, wildlife and culture of the Malvern Hills. Visitors can purchase the Geopark Way trail guidebook and associated geological map as well as other geology and landscape trail guidebooks and many things geological.

As he opened the Centre, Chris remarked on its excellent position half way along the Geopark Way and that it is surrounded by fantastic geology.. He praised the ambition of Emma and Adrian of KeyIQ, of the Earth Heritage Trust and the Geopark partners and he thanked the AONB for grant aid. This is a facility with a great future. Last but by no means least, he mentioned the integral cafe as an important attraction (great cakes) to all the walkers passing by.