1s. Ledbury – Over coral seas and sandy deserts (a ‘Walks for Health’ leaflet)

Ledbury 'Walks For Health'

Ledbury ‘Walks For Health’

Exercise your body and your mind on a healthy walk from the centre of Ledbury out into the surrounding countryside. The walk will help towards your daily exercise routine. At the same time think about how the landscape has come to look as it does, because of the rocks on which it is built, or those found in the surrounding area.

To appreciate the geological setting of Ledbury you need to imagine this piece of the Earth’s crust about 425 million years ago. You would have been in a warm, tropical sea about 30 degrees south of the Equator. To the east was continent; to the west was a deep ocean and in a broad zone just east of the Welsh Border was the continental shelf, which supported the growth of reefs not unlike the Great Barrier Reef of Australia today. The reefs and sea floor sediments of the day became consolidated into limestone rock. This limestone rock together with other younger rocks  are explored along the trail.

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