2n. Severn Valley: Bridgnorth to Highley

This trail sets out to show three chapters of the same story: The formation of the Severn Valley between Bridgnorth and Highley. It starts in Bridgnorth where the Severn has, since the last Ice Age, cut deeply down through the sandstone rock. You then go downstream to Eardington. Here you can follow the sequence of river terrace formation from the oldest (and highest) down to the present day flood plain. Finally at Severn Valley Country Park at Alveley and Highley you see how the presence of harder rocks of the coal measures have resisted erosion more and caused narrowing of the valley.

On the way you will see how the rock has been exploited over the centuries with sand and gravel extraction at Eardington and stone quarrying and coal mining at Highley and Alveley.


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