Clutters Cave

Clutters Cave, Malvern Hills

Clutters Cave, Malvern Hills

Geological Overview
South of British camp on the Malvern Hills just below the west side of the ridge is a man made cave, Clutter’s Cave or Giant’s Cave. This has been excavated into pillow lavas. Almost 600 million years ago a volcano erupted under the sea. It was cooled by the cold sea water and a solid crust formed around globules of lava, which were piled up as more lava erupted. Though they have since been deformed by Earth movements some of the rounded ‘pillow’ shapes can still be seen around the entrance to the cave.

Here there are also beautiful views over the Herefordshire countryside and from the ridge over the valley of the River Severn to the Cotswolds

Eastnor, Malvern Hills, Herefordshire; Grid Reference: SO 7619 3937

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Geological Age
Precambrian – Warren House Volcanics

Rock Types
Igneous – Basalt

Pillow lava