Guided Walk – Sun 5th June. Unfinished Canal Business – A Broken Promise

How much do you know about the planned canal from Kington-Leominster? As part of GeoFest, the Woolhope Club have a walk on Sun 5th June tracing part of Dadford’s intended route, The canal was never completed beyond Southnet due to engineering and financial difficulties.  The 6-7 mile walk which is suitable for anyone able to walk that distance, starts at Rock Village Hall (DY14 9SD) at 10.30am and will finish at approx 4.30pm

Suitable footwear, waterproofs and packed lunches are essential. The cost is £2 per person, unless you require an accompanying handout which are printed to order and will cost an additional £3 (£5 in all). Booking necessary if a handout is required or Phone: (01989) 563740