20 years of the Geopark

A day celebrating this milestone took place at Severn Valley Country Park on 20th June. Programmes for involving the public in the stories of geology, landscape, heritage and wildlife were major talking points. You can find out what is available this summer on the GeoFest Calendar. We hope you enjoy the events and activities which include craft days, fossil hunts, displays, dinosaur detective trails, guided walks and specimen identification session.

Left to right Peter Oliver, co-founder of the Geopark; Chris Darmon, President of the Geopark; Georgina Lockman, Merlin Energy Resources, Sponsors of the Geopark
Tapestry (by Georgia Jacobs) depicting coal mining in Highley. The piece forms part of a landscape and geology inspired exhibition at Severn Valley Country Park by the Highley Crafters and Alveley Chapel Crafters.
Learning about the Millstones. Geology – Carbonifeous Alverley Formation
Taking a walk through the orchid field at Severn Valley Country Park