Abberley Hill

Shavers End Quarry as viewed from Abberley Hill

Shavers End Quarry as viewed from Abberley Hill

Geological Overview
Abberley Hill rises out of the otherwise gently rolling landscape and is made up of rocks that formed around 420 million years ago, during the Silurian Period. These rocks were uplifted along a line of weakness in the Earth’s crust during a mountain building events that happened between 360 and 250 million years ago.

At locations such as Shavers End Quarry the layers of Silurian-aged limestones and shales you can see that they layers of rock are almost vertical, and even in places have been overturned, all due to the powerful forces exerted on the rocks during the aforementioned mountain building event.

Astley and Dunley & Abberley, worcestershire; Grid Reference: SO 7603 6697

Open,  along public rights of way

Geological Age
The Hill – Silurian

Rock Types
Sedimentary – Shale and limestone

Explore the underlying Silurian rocks
Fantastic views to the north and east that reveal the varying geology of the surrounding landscape

Shavers End Quarry interpretation board – exploring the structure and lithologies of Abberley Hill
Abberley Hill interpretation board exploring the surronding landforms and landscapes
Section 6 of the Geopark Way trail
Explore Abberley Hill trail guide