End Hill, Malverns

North and End Hills, Malverns

North and End Hills, Malverns

Geological Overview
The main body of the Malvern Hills comprises a north-south trending ridge of igneous and metamorphic rocks. The extremely resistant nature of these rocks contributes towards the elevated nature of the Hills in comparison to the surrounding landscape. Throughout their geological history the Hills have experienced lengthy periods of uplift with localised folding and faulting in response to major Earth movements. Compressive forces associated with the creation of the supercontinent Panagea, some 300 million years ago, contributed to the elevation of the Hills and also led to the development of a series of faults which cut across the ridge. These faults have disrupted the north-south alignment of the Hills, displacing some of the Hills to the west.

North Malvern, Malvern Hills, Worcestershire: SO 7669 4699

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Geological Age
The Hill is Precambrian – Malverns Complex

Fantastic views of the Mesozoic Worcester Basin to the East;  Silurian hill and valley topography to the west; the line of the East Malvern Fault towards the Abberley Hills ridgeline to the north
Structural geological history setting for the area, the Geopark and the region