Gardiners Quarry

Gardiners Quarry Champions Site

Gardiners Quarry Champions Site

Geological overview
In Gardiners Quarry the story is not so much one of differing rock types, but about what has happened to the main mass of the Malvern Hills rock since it formed all those years ago during Precambrian times. The main body of rock in the quarry is diorite. Rather than being one continuous body of rock however, the quarry face is fractured – sections of the rock have broken apart forming joints, or have broken apart and moved – been displaced, relative to the neighbouring section of rock along geological faults. Along with displacing and fracturing masses of rock, movement along these faults has left other telltale signs in the rocks – slickensides, dykes and mineralisation.

Gardiners Quary is a Community Conservation Champions site.  The ‘Champions’ are a loosely knit group of volunteers who are actively involved in the maintenance and public promotion of 19 geological sites spread across the counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. They are engaged in a wide range of activities which vary according to the nature of the site.

Colwall, Malvern Hills, Herefordshire; Grid Reference: SO 7662 4207

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Champions-Logo-Final1-300x249Geological Age
Precambrian – Malverns Complex

Rock Types
Igneous – granite, dolerite

Variable lithologies
Shear zone

Area structural geology

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Malvern Community Champions trail and guide
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