Loxters Ashbed quarry

Loxter Ashbed Quarry Champions Site

Loxter Ashbed Quarry Champions Site

Geological overview
Loxter Ashbed is a disused limestone quarry. The geology of Loxter Ashbed Quarry dates to the Silurian period of time, approximately 422 million years ago. The rocks are limestones and belong to the Aymestry Limestone Formation. The site is a wonderful example of an anticline together with offering a few fossils.

Loxter Ashbed Quarry is a Community Conservation Champions site.  The ‘Champions’ are a loosely knit group of volunteers who are actively involved in the maintenance and public promotion of 19 geological sites spread across the counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. They are engaged in a wide range of activities which vary according to the nature of the site.

Wellington Heath, Herefordshire

The site is on private land. Access available to groups by prior arrangement. Please email or phone Mandy on 01531 634303 to arrange a visit.

Champions-Logo-Final1-300x249Geological Age
Silurian – Aymestry Limestone Formation

Rock Types
Sedimentary – Limestone, shale

Anticlinal folding
Area structural geology setting

2 x Interpretation boards