Southstone Rock

Southstone Rock

Southstone Rock

Geological overview
The Teme valley is notable, especially in the Shelsleys area, for the locally abundant deposits of tufa. These calcium rich deposits formed, and in some cases are still forming, as spring waters are discharged through the underlying Bishops Frome Limestone.

Southstone Rock is one of the largest mounds of tufa in the locality and probably formed in part some six to seven thousand years ago. It is of interest both geologically and archaeologically. A small cottage was once situated on top of Southstone Rock. It was also thought to be the site of a chapel and a hermitage, although any traces of these are long gone.

Tufa from the area has been quarried as a building stone. A prime example is the church of St Andrew in Shelsley Walsh.

Stanford with Orleton, Worcestershire; Grid Reference: SO 7085 6395

Open along a public right of way

Geological Age

Rock Types

Tufa cliff
Active tufa formation
Spring line
Social history

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