Croome’s Panorama Tower 2020 Open Days

Panorama Tower – photo Katherine Alker

Croome’s Panorama Tower will open monthly again this year. You can get fantastic views of the Malvern Hills and north to Abberley and Clee Hill (on a good day!). The geology information sheets produced by Geologists in the Geopark are available for visitors to use to understand the surrounding landscape better.

Panorama Tower Open Days:

Sunday 26 Jan 11 – 2pm

Wed 19 Feb 11- 2pm

Sat 14 March 11 – 2pm

Friday 24 April 11 – 3pm

Sun 17 May 11- 3pm

Mon 22 June 11 – 3pm

Tues 14 July 11 – 3pm

Sat 15 Aug 11 – 3pm

Wed 23 Sept 11 – 3pm

Sun 18 Oct 11 – 2pm

Sat 21 Nov 11 – 2pm

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Parking for Panorama Tower open days: parking at main visitor car park at Croome, then 1.5 mile walk to the tower (Walks Map available from Croome shop). There is limited parking on the verge near the tower, then a short walk across the field to the tower itself.

View from Panorama Tower – photo Katherine Alker