A selection of Geological Sites in the Geopark

There are numerous geological sites, exposures, quarry faces, roadside cuttings and landscapes features throughout the Geopark.   Below is a table showing a selection of sites. You can download a detailed site spreadsheet by clicking here.

Click on the site name in the table to access a detailed description of the site.

Name00000000000  Grid0Reference Access Age000000000 Features
Abberley Hill SO 7603 6697 Open, along PRoW Landscape feature Exlpore the underlying Silurian rocks; fantastic views to the north and east that reveal the varying geology of the surrounding landscape
Astley Sunken Lane SO 7890 6745 Open, along PRoW Triassic Bedding; variable grain size; sedimentary structures
Callow Hill Quarry SO 7478 7408 Restricted access Carboniferous Variable lithologies; sedimentary structures; fossils
Castlemorton Common SO 791 390 Open access
Quaternary Fluvial processes; incised channel;  meanders
Chase End Quarry SO 7580 3505 Open
Precambrian Gneissose foliation; pegmatite veins
Clutters Cave SO 7619 3937 Open, along PRoW Precambrian Pillow lavas
Dingle Quarry SO 7650 4567 Open access Precambrian Dykes; fault breccia; shear zone; variable lithologies
Dog Hill Wood SO 7127 3837 Open, along PRoW Silurian Variable lithologies; fossils
End Hill, Malverns SO 7669 4699 Open access Landscape feature Fantastic vantage point to discover the varying topography to the east, west and north of the Malvern Hills, dictated by the underlying geology and structural setting of the area
Gardiners Quarry SO 7662 4207 Open access Precambrian Variable lithologies; shear zone; faulting; dykes; veining; slickensides; area structural geology
Gullet Quarry SO 7616 3813 Open access Precambrian; Silurian Dykes; veining; altered doleritic rocks; Gneissose foliation; shearing; area structural geology; faulting; sedimentary structures; fossils
Hartlebury Common SO 822 706 Open, along PRoW Quaternary Terrace deposits;  wind blown sands; biodiversity
High Rock SO 7240 9394 Open, along PRoW Triassic Sedimentary structures; variable lithologies; stratigraphic sequencing
Hobbs Quarry SO 6942 1938 Open Silurian Bioherms; fossils; stratigraphic sequence; variable lithologies; sedimentary structures
Huntley Quarry Geology Reserve SO 7097 1954 Open Ordovician; Silurian; Triassic Folding; faulting; unconformity; area structural geology
Ivy Scar Rock SO 7732 4637 Open access Precambrian Sub-volcanic intrusion
Knapp and Papermill Gorge SO 7491 5170 Open, along PRoW Quaternary Fluvial processes; nature reserve
Lavington Cave SO 7176 9282 Open Permian Sedimentary features
Leapgate Old Railway Line SO 8269 7202 Open Triassic Sedimentary features
Loxters Ashbed Quarry Wellington Heath, Herefordshire Permission required Silurian Anticlinal folding; area structural geology setting; fossils
Martley Rock SO 7451 5956 Open, on private land Precambrian; Cambrian; Silurian; Carboniferous; Triassic Shear zone; unconformity; area structural geology setting
Mathon Valley SO 7405 4650 (view point) Open, along PRoW Quaternary Quaternary landforms and fluvial history
May Hill SO 6955 2133 Open, along PRoW Landscape feature From the top of the inlier of May Hill views stretch in all directions towards landscapes underlain by rocks of various ages
Park Wood SO 7642 4441 Open Silurian Sedimentary structures, variable lithologies; fossils; stratigraphic sequencing; area structural geology
Redstone Rock SO 8143 6998 Open, along PRoW
Triassic Sedimentary structures
Route 45 nr Dowles Brook SO 7462 7644 Open, along PRoW Carboniferous Sedimentary features
Southstone Rock SO 7085 6395 Open, along PRoW Quaternary Tufa Cliff; active tufa formation; spring line
SVCP riverside rock face SO 7485 8386 Open, along PRoW
Carboniferous Sedimentary structures; stratigraphic sequencing
Tank Quarry SO 7689 4707 Open access Precambrian Pegmatite; intrusions; quartz vein; barytes; area structural geology setting
Teme Valley SO 7450 6030 Open, along PRoW Quaternary River Teme; Ice Age history
The Canyon SO 7526 6176 Open Silurian Fossils, bentonites; faults; folds; area structural geology setting
The Holding Pens SO 7905 7545 Permission required Permian Sedimentary features
The Nubbins SO 7499 5993 Open, on private land
Triassic Sedimentary features; industrial heritage
The Tramway SO 7485 8284 Open, along PRoW Carboniferous Sedimentary features; industrial heritage
Walsgrove, Cockshot, Pudford and Rodge Hills (Abberleys Hills) SO 7480 6228 Open, along PRoW Landscape feature The ridgeline is composed of Silurian limestones. View to west explore the Teme Valley and the Bromyard Plateau; the north are the Clee Hills and to the east lies the Worcester Basin.
Westbury Garden Cliff SO 718 128 Open – NOTE TIDAL Triassic Variable lithologies; fossils
Whitman’s Hill Quarry Storridge, Herefordsire
Permission required Silurian Sedimentary structures; folding; bioherm; fossils; stratigraphic sequencing;